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Nifty Gadgets and Fancy Foods End Gift Worries, San Francisco Chronicle


Everybody Everywhere Loves a Pot of Chicken Soup, San Francisco Chronicle


Guide to Olives, San Francisco Chronicle


Cal Ag Gives $180K Grant to Industrial Farming Lobby Front Group to Clean Up Image of 'Dirty Dozen,' Food Systems Network NYC


Food for the Future, Food Systems Network NYC (co-author)


Recipe for the Future of Food in New York City, Food Systems Network NYC (co-author) 


The Mysterious Zinfandel, Food and Wine Affinities


Other Credits and Press Coverage


San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook, (recipe testing)


O Fudge! A Song of Sweet Praise, San Francisco Chronicle (food styling)


Winners Announced in 'Four Seasons, Endless Reasons' American Lamb Chefs Recipe Contest, Press Releases


Evanston Activists Plant Seeds for a 'Talking Farm,' Chicago Tribune


Big Dig For The Talking Farm, Evanston Roundtable


The Talking Farm, Garden Insert, Evanston Roundtable


Mini-Farm Begins in Evanston, Seeks Volunteers, Evanstonian


Other Press Coverage for The Talking Farm



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